Who We Are

GioviCustoms is a luxury jewelry brand dedicated to offering its clients the latest trend pieces and elegant jewelry. With a focus on quality, the company sources its products from the most reputable sources to ensure authenticity.

Founded in 2022, GioviCustoms has quickly established itself as a brand that prides itself on its commitment to providing its customers with the highest quality service and products. The company's employees are dedicated to helping customers find the perfect piece of jewelry at a fair price.

In a world where luxury jewelry is often associated with gold and diamond stones, GioviCustoms strives to offer its customers unique and innovative designs that stand out from the crowd. By staying up-to-date with the latest trends in jewelry design, GioviCustoms is able to provide its clients with an ever-changing collection of beautiful, high-quality pieces.

Whether you're looking for a timeless classic or a bold statement piece, GioviCustoms has something for everyone. With a focus on quality, authenticity, and innovation, GioviCustoms is a brand you can trust for all your luxury jewelry needs.

Gold, Diamonds, Frames, Watches, Customs & Grillz

  • Gold & Diamonds

    GioviCustoms is a luxury jewelry brand offering high-quality, diverse selections of yellow, white, and rose gold options, with pre-manufactured items posted for sale. Their selection ranges from elegant to trendy, and includes Miami Cuban links. GioviCustoms is committed to exceptional service and fair pricing.

  • Frames

    GioviCustoms offers a diverse selection of high-quality Cartier frames, including both custom and factory-sent options. The company sources its frames from authorized suppliers to ensure authenticity and quality. For a unique Cartier frame, clients can work with GioviCustoms to create a custom design tailored to their preferences.

  • Watches

    GioviCustoms offers both factory and custom watches from trusted suppliers, with a wide selection of brands available. If a specific brand isn't in stock, clients can contact GioviCustoms to source it. For custom watch designs, the company provides a personalized service that caters to clients' specific preferences. Contact GioviCustoms to discuss your custom watch needs and create a unique piece that suits your requirements.

  • Customs

    GioviCustoms provides custom jewelry design services to clients. Simply contact the company to discuss your ideas and create a piece that matches your vision. For custom work, GioviCustoms requires a down payment of 50% of the total cost, including custom frames. Get in touch with GioviCustoms today to make your jewelry ideas a reality.

  • Grillz

    GioviCustoms provides custom grillz for clients, offering high-quality products that are among the best on the market. For local clients, the company prefers to meet in person to take the mold. For non-local clients, GioviCustoms can send a mold-making kit and receive it back after completion. Contact GioviCustoms today to discuss your custom grillz needs.

  • We Buy, Repair & Clean Gold

    GioviCustoms offers a range of services, including buying gold from clients, repairing and cleaning jewelry, and re-dipping and clasp fixes. To sell your gold, contact GioviCustoms via phone, email, or social media. To keep your jewelry looking fresh, contact GioviCustoms to inquire about repair and cleaning services.

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