What We Offer

Gold, Diamonds, Frames, Watches, Customs & Grillz

    • Gold & Diamonds: GioviCustoms offers a diverse selection of high-quality gold and diamonds in yellow, white, and rose gold options. Pre-manufactured items are also available for sale, with a range of styles from elegant to trendy, such as Miami Cuban Links.

    • Frames: We provide both custom and factory-sent Cartier frames sourced from authorized suppliers to ensure the highest quality. For custom frames, please get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

    • Watches: GioviCustoms offers factory and custom watches from trusted suppliers. We can source many different brands, and if we don't have what you're looking for, we'll work to find it for you. For watch customization, please contact us with the details of the piece you want to create.

    • Customs: We offer custom jewelry services and can turn your ideas into reality. To get started, simply contact us to discuss your vision, and we'll take a down payment of half the cost of the piece we're creating.

    • Grillz: GioviCustoms also provides custom grillz to our clients. If you're local, we prefer to meet up to take your mold. If you're not local, we'll send you a kit to make a mold, which you can then send back to us. We offer some of the highest quality grillz on the market.

    • We Buy, Repair & Clean Gold: If you're looking to sell your gold, contact us via phone, email, or our socials to discuss your options. We also offer repair and cleaning services to our clients, including re-dipping, clasp fixes, and regular cleaning to keep your pieces looking fresh. Simply contact us to schedule a service.